Thursday, 27 November 2014

E = Elegant

Hello!  Quick post for you today:  here is a simple playful manicure using a rich metal bronze stamped over a dreamy creamy white base,  I ❤ the flowing swirls and hearts on this Pueen plate.

The stamper picks every detail up

Here is another post for the A-Z Weekly Blog challenge. We post alphabetically on thursdays. Today is the letter E for "Elegant".    Hashtag #A2ZNails

I am also  sneaking this mani into another challenge group:  The UK Stamping Community.  This weeks challenge is "White and Gold"  I couldn't afford gold, so I cheated and used bronze instead.

Bottle Shot
I used a fantastic new stamper for this manicure.  ( It is extra, extra large and perfectly squishy!  I didn't even need to prime it.

Base colour:  Sinful Colors, 101 Snow me White
Stamp colour:  George (Asda) Molten Metals, No. 5 Party Animal
Stamping plate:  Pueen Buffet Leisure - Pueen 77

Tools of the Trade
Halogen Lighting


  1. Gorgeous! Definitely going to pick up some of those George polishes now that I know they stamp so well and thanks for the tip about the stamper, might have to invest in one of those too. This challenge is always so expensive for me cause I keep seeing things I like on other peoples pages.

    1. Thanks lovely, and Yes, this challenge is tough for the bank balance, you found some awesome artists.

  2. Replies
    1. I am so happy you like this, I was really pleased with the way it turned out. xxXXxxx