Saturday, 4 October 2014

Burnt Parchment

This technique has been used really successfully and caught my eye a few times, I really wanted to have a go at it myself.  At first I misunderstood how it was created and thought I'd have to start burning pieces of paper and sticking them to my nails.

Then I looked again, and realised I could achieve this look with polish alone by building layers then removing sections.  I painted my nails black, then added a nude, then finally a cream colour on top.

I then "burnt away part of this using a cotton bud and nail polish remover.  I attacked this with a stiff brush to make the edges less smooth and more ashy.

Finally time for stamping some script over the top.  To make the text look more weathered, I mixed a chocolate brown with konad black and swiped the colours together on the plate. (I had to remove the stamp from the burnt away sections on my nails).  And a matte top coat finished the look.

After a little more research, I realised I hadn't quite got this right!!!!  Click here for a manicure by Copycat Claws using a much simpler, more effective and less time consuming technique!

Base colours:

  1. Miss Sporty Lasting Colour, 080 Fatal Black (not pictured)
  2. Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine, Lychee GNP 10
  3. Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine, Coconut GNP 28

    Stamp colour:  Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine, Cocoa GNP 34 and Konad Black
    Stamping plate: Moyou London Princess Collection - 11

    Halogen lighting
    Gigantic thumb
    Bottle shot!
    Tools of the trade
    How to burn the parchment
    Blank burnt parchment
    Close up


    1. Replies
      1. Thanks so much, but sadly, I can't take credit for the idea Debs, you should definitely visit the link for Copycat Claws!!! I copied her manicure and she is awesome. xxXXxx

    2. Gorgeous!!! Hmmm...there must be some Halloween application I can come up with for this, lol...:)

      1. Michelle, you are absolutely right, you have a fantastic imagination! This idea definitely needs to be implemented on a spooky halloween manicure. I challenge you to try it out!!!! Let me know if you take this challenge up <3 xxXXXxx

    3. I totally love this! Where do you get your stamps, because the designs are FABULOUS!!!

      1. Thanks Kam, I'm so glad you like it. I got this stamp from Moyou London, it is from the princess collection.