Thursday, 20 November 2014

Sunset Smoosh

This post is a collaboration with my gorgeous friend Sumeet.  If you love nail stamping, you need to take a look at Sumeet's blog:  She posts the most gorgeous, inspiring manicures you could imagine.  Sumeet has such a wonderful way of explaining how to use techniques to get the effects you want.  Furthermore she also provides some of the best stamping product reviews I have seen in combination with her love of indie polish reviews.

Take a look at these popping colours by Sumeet:
Our manicures together ❤
Now, I would like to explain my post title.

Sunset:  When I first sent a message to the lovely Sumeet, my mobile phone was convinced that I needed to change her name from Sumeet to Sunset!  And even though I knew I hadn't misspelled it, Sumeet will always be a gorgeous sunset to me.

Smoosh:  This is a technique I'd never heard of before.  It involves stamping multiple colours onto the nail in one go.

Sumeet directed me to @With2L (  Elle applies different coloured polish onto one stamper and smoooooshes it onto a second stamper before placing it onto the nail.  And then Mariana ( showed me a similar technique by @Nailstamp4fun  ( Swanette applies dots of different nail polish onto a non-porous surface.  She then uses a stamper to pick this smooosh up and transfer it to the nail.

I used Swanette's method, but adapted it slightly by waiting for the "smoosh" to dry on the stampers before applying it as a decal to my nails.
Bottle shot
Halogen Lighting
Gigantic Fingers.
How I smooooooshed!
Base colours:  (Sumeet was much braver than me)

  • Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine, Blood Orange GNP 4
  • Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine, Paprika GNP 32
  • Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine, Satsuma GNP 7

    • Stamp colour: Konad Stamping Polish, White
      Stamping plate: DRK xl Designer - 01

      Smoooooosh Atttttack!!!!!!
      Cobbles and Waves


      1. Replies
        1. Thanks so much Anatasia, we both really love this DRK plate, it was such a fun manicure to do together.

      2. Love it! :) They both came out beautiful! Thanks for mentioning me. :) xoxo The stamping plate design is beautiful too! I need to get some DRK plates. :)

        1. Oooh you are soooo kind Swanette, your awesome videos are my stamping education! I am so happy you like our manicures. You're right; DRK plates are just so wonderful....grab some if you have a chance. xxxXXXXXxxxxx