Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Bird is the Word

Firstly, I am going to thank Priscilla for here amazing post I loved her manicure so much I am paying tribute, with my own interpretation using bird decals over pretty glitter and the same title.

This week I've been feeling under the weather, and by Saturday, I realised I had not fulfilled any of the challenges set by some of my favourite facebook groups.  When I looked more closely at the prompts, I realised I could just about combine them all in one manicure!
  • Stamp One Stamp all Ten!  Over Glitter
  • AIS Sunday Challenge:  Wildlife
  • Crumpets 52 Week Pick n Mix: Domestic animals and 3 shades of blue
Lovebirds were the obvious choice for me.  We had a pair when I was small, but they escaped and flew away and became wildlife,  (even though all of our neighbours climbed their ladders to the roof of their houses equipped with nets and food, trying to tempt them back, but sadly the birds just wanted to be free).

My Dad gave me this Cici & Sisi plate set for my birthday and the images are fantastic, but I have just cut my nails, so I was able to split the images and use one stamping image for two nails.

To keep with the "three shades of blue" and "over glitter" themes, I coloured stamping decals in blues over a glittery blue base.  Thank you San for this amazing iridescent glitter top coat, I love it.

Base colour: Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine, Sugar Apple GNP 21
Base glitter:  Generic iridescent loose glitter found in a set from ebay
Glitter nail polish:  Catrice Cosmetics Million Styles, 03 Have an Ice Day

Stamp colour: Konad Special Stamping Polish, Black
Stamping plate: Cici & Sisi Set 01 (white cover) Plate 02

The colours used for the decals:
  • Essie Nail Lacquer, Where's my Chauffeur
  • Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine, Blueberry GNP 5
  • Konad Special Stamping Polish, White
Big Bottle shot!
Humongous finger!!!!!
The amazing Priscilla
Bottle Shot
Gigantic finger
The decals

Tools of the Trade
Halogen Lighting
Tweet tweet tweet

Crumpets 52 Week Pick n Mix Challenge

Stamp One Stamp all Ten: Over Glitter


  1. I am humbled. You are fantastic! Your very talented. I love the humor and info you provide. Your photography is amazing!

    1. <3 Ooooh Priscilla, I am blushing with pride <3 Thanks for the lovely lovely compliments. xxXXXxxx

  2. This is soooo beautiful Roberta! I love this and Priscilla's mani to pieces! It's so sweet of your Dad to gift you stamping plates :) Hope you're feeling better xoxo

    1. I can't believe I missed your comment, thanks so much lovely xXXxxxxx

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Oana, I just checked out your blog, and I love it, you are very talented. xxxXxxx

  4. OMG awesome nail art and lovely polishes. Big hug from Colombia.God bless U

    1. xxxXXxx Thanks so much, and hugs back from Hereford UK xxxXXxxx

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you <3 I am so pleased you like this manicure Carolyn.

  6. OMG the cuteness of the birdies!! And I love the shimmery light green base colour, too, nice work you've done. :)

    1. Thank you ES, you noticed every detail. I am so flattered. xxxXXxx

  7. Hello hello! I stumbled across your blog looking for fun nail stamping inspiration. I am a novice. I have to say that I love everything about this The Bird Is The Word mani...the colors, the cuteness, the retro feel. So, I'd really like to try something similar out, but cannot locate the plate. I have searched and cannot even find it in the Cici and Sisi sets. Any suggestions? Thank you!