Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Fireworks and Flowers

I've been very slow in getting this post together considering how excited I've been about sharing it with you all.

When my sister Amity came to visit last week, she also brought along the nail polish she had used for my birthday nail party.  I used it to create a matching fireworks manicure on my own nails.  Amity was inspired to use this colourful glitter to create firework nails by Naomi, author of the blog, Bewitchery.  Click here to see Naomi's firework nails

Amity got me the beautiful Pueen Encore set of stamping plates for my birthday present and I couldn't wait to try them out.  Together we chose a beautiful floral section of plate plate 4a with butterflies and elegant tendrils surrounded by a lovely collection of different flowers..

Base colour:  Essie, Boat House
Base colour:  Technic, Carnival Glitter
Stamp colour: Mundo de Uñas Stamping Polish, 12. Cream
Stamping plate: Pueen Encore SE04A

Our Fireworks Glitter Base
Fireworks and Flowers
It was so nice to have you here <3
Tools of the Trade
Giant Finger!!!!
Double Trouble!
Halogen Lighting

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