Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Smokey Snowman

Hello Lovelies!

This is a challenge manicure for our facebook group: Stamp one, Stamp all Ten!   And the theme for the group this week is "Christmas or Hanukah"  I thought snowmen would be neutral, yet likeable enough to please everyone.  But somehow, I have created a penguin instead!  #StampOneStampAllTen

Ho ho ho!!!!
This is a festive manicure for Mary Mitch, she is putting together a collage of Snowmen manicures!!!  Of course, I had to take part!  Check out her other amazing nails here:

Rina from the amazing blog Simply Rins  has actually managed to inspire me to finally try out freehand!!!!!  Her amazing video tutorial on this blog post, make the snowman seem almost idiot proof but apparently, not quite Bob-proof! Hehehe.  I simplified it slightly!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
As an exciting extra, I am also swatching a polish for you today!!!!!  I am so thrilled to present a new, exciting UK indie polish manufacturer:  Frightfully Spectacular.  I can tell you that there are currently magical, shiny, shimmery, glittery little bottles of wonder being put together in Kent!  

Smoke on the Water
I will provide more swatches and information (including many exciting concutions and a brand new Etsy shop) during this festive season.  But for now, just enjoy "Smoke on the Water", a beautiful metallic popping purple.  I also used this to stamp the background image in my snowman manicure.  When stamped, the purple shimmer catches the light just beautifully to created a soft, smokey shimmery magical finish.

Frightfully Spectacular.
Look how this beautiful colour stamps, I used it for the swirly background.   And the purple is even prettier in real life.

Humongous Finger!!!!!!

Base colour:  Sinful Colors, 101 Snow me White
Background Stamp colour:  Frightfully Spectacular, Smoke on the Water
Background Stamping plate:  DRK xl Designer - 01
Middle finger Stamping:  Cici & Sisi Merry Christmas plate
Stamp Colour:  Konad stamping polish in black
Ring finger Freehand:  Acrylic Paints
To finish: Mixed shape pink rhinestones from a friend.

Colours used:
Stamping Plates:

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  1. So much good stuff in this post--the snowman, the flower shaped bottle, and on and on!