Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Greek Mythology Finger Swatches

Not a proper manicure, a post for reference

I keep excitedly picking up this Greek mythology image plate, then putting it away again because I don't know quite which bits I want to use and how.  I have simply picked out my favourite sections of this plate and stamped, with no regard to how the finished manicure will look.  So this is a selfish post and it will be my inspiration for a number of manicures in the future.

Base colour: Clear
Stamp colour: Konad White
Image plate: Moyou London Greek Mythology Collection - 02

This is probably the most delicate of the Greek Plates by Moyou

Same image on thumb and pinky

I didn't manage a photo of my left thumb :(

This image was taken from the Moyou website.

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