Sunday, 4 May 2014

First Go at Stamping

I Couldn't Wait...

My first image plate arrived so I had to start stamping immediately!

The Moyou Stamper got lost in the post and the Konad double ended stamper was taking too long to arrive.  So I scavenged and hunted, and found something that did the job (see last picture) . Please don't look too closely at my photos since the stamping image did not transfer crisply and the detail is lost.  There is definitely nothing wrong with the Moyou London image plate!

I chose a mix of stamping images that I thought would still look pretty when stamped wonky. I found the  stamping process to be awkward and panicky!  There seem to be lots of time critical steps, and most of what you see on my nails here is pure luck!

However, the playing with polish and satisfaction of getting cute images on my nails is definitely worth the effort and I will continue to share my attempts here.

Base colour: Clear (Sally Hansen,
Stamp colour: Boots Natural Collection, White
Image plate: Moyou London Pro Collection - 14  XL

A subtle colour helps to hide mistakes!
Nail Stamping
Using my self timer

See my second post for my stamper improvisation.

I am backdating posts to date I took the photo. As a final note: please forgive poor photography, messy cuticles and bad stamping. This is a learning curve for me, and I will improve.

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