Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Girly Skull and Crossbones

I have stolen another manicure, Beatrice did a better job than I have, but I had loads of fun playing around. She used a cream base colour with a glitter polish, and I lazily used one coat of metallic.  Scroll to the bottom to see her gorgeous manicure.

For the "decal" or "advanced stamping" technique, I used a method by San-tie Nails, click here for her latest video. It really is as quick and easy as she makes it look...great fun to do.

On another note, I have begun the path to squaring off my nails! I think this may be a more practical shape for using cameras, my phone, typing and most importantly, fitting stamping plate images on my nails in one go!  Lets see how I get on with these new corners.  I am concerned they are a weak point and will get knocked off!

Base colour: Primark nail polish (part of a set of four), unnamed, metalic
Stamp colour: Konad Black
Decals: Maybelline Colour Show, 262 Pink Boom, Beauty UK nail polish in gold, and Konad White
Image plate: Moyou London Princess Collection - 10  for the pinky and ring fingers and 13 for the rest

This is so cute!

Indirect natural light

Tools of the trade

Giant fingers!!!

Learning to pose

This is the amazing manicure that inspired me (I stole).  Thank you Beatrice Cabanes, I have been trying to find you, to give you credit for this xxx
An amazing manicure <3

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