Monday, 11 August 2014

Hot Air Balloon Horror!

This could have been beautiful, the idea in my head certainly was!  I am posting this manicure because I will attempt to get it right next time.  I absolutely adore this plate, and love the idea of double stamping balloon decals over those stylized clouds.  I have tried to show off the fingers that worked best to illustrate what I mean.

The Sky
Base colour: Primark nail polish, unnamed (turquoise)
Stamp colour: Konad White
Stamping plate: Moyou London Mother Nature Collection - 06 (isolate the clouds only)

The Balloons
Decal colours (From left as shown in photo): Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine, Plum 348, Primark nail polish, unnamed (blue),Primark nail polish, unnamed (neon orange), Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine, Satsuma 317 and Rimmel 60 Seconds, 405 Rose Libertine
Stamp colour: Konad Black
Stamping plate: Moyou London Mother Nature Collection - 06

I also tried a small experiment on my pinky, where I chose two different balloons at the same size, and stamped black directly over orange to create coloured outlines.  This technique could work if you are consistent at precision stamping...which I am not!  But practise makes perfect, So I will no doubt try this technique again.

Here are the best of them!
Tools of the Trade
Lining up the decals
Swatching the base colour from primark
Indirect natural light

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