Sunday, 24 August 2014

Stamping Polish Experiment

The Sunday challenge for Sunday Aug. 24th is:
Color combination I have never tried before.

This was a chance for me to try reviving my nearly empty gloopy konad white by adding another colour.  I chose a Loreal red I don't like much and I hoped it would make a soft rose colour when added to the white. It took a lot of shaking, I should probably invest in some mixing balls! I am not convinced this manicure is any better than if I had left my Konad white.  I probably should have added more, for a stronger colour but I am very happy with the consistency.  I will probably add red more at a later date, and will let you know the outcome.

Base colour: Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours, 320 Pop Fiction
Glitter topper: Essence Nail Art Topper, 02 Circus Confetti
Stamp colour:  Konad White mixed with 1/4 bottle of Loreal Color Riche, 403 Femme Fatale
Stamping plate: Born Pretty QA88

Direct sunlight
The glitter base
Artificial lighting
My left hand <3
Sunshine and glitter
Tools of the Trade
My phone seems to take better glitter pics!
Phone camera again

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