Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Mental Health Awareness Week

I suffer from depression, so this week is important to me.

Thank you Laurie for prompting us to wear green.  I chose this image because I find it beautiful and chaotic, then I combined it with intense neon colours.  This is how the world looks to me at the moment.  Confusing!!!

Base colours:  Both Primark Nail Polish, Unnamed (neon green and yellow)
Stamp colour:  Mundo de Uñas Stamping Polish, 04. Blue
Stamping plate: Konad M89

Big fingers
Close up under a daylight bulb
Bottle shot
Tools of the Trade
Daylight bulb
Halogen Lighting


  1. Beautiful, vibrant manicure, beautifully photographed and for a wonderful cause! Also lovely to see more people open up about their depression, yourself concluded. May your mind see less chaos than your nails soon :) x

    1. Thanks Debz, I was a little nervous about posting this one, so I really appreciate your comment. Particularly that last sentence <3 xxXxxx