Monday, 8 September 2014

Dragon Day

Today is "Dragon Day" because dragons are the theme for day Eight of September is Stamping Month.  I was delighted to use another plate from Moyou London's Suki Collection.  It was so hard choosing what to place with the dragon since there are so many beautiful parts to this plate.

Unfortunately this was a really tricky manicure for me!!!!!!   I do now believe this dragon came from Hell! You are looking at the third set of decals!  By this time, I had given up on getting those scales perfect and was just releived I'd managed to put together a full set of shiny fingers.  Alas, this did not last long, I stopped to wash up my tea cup on the way outside to take some sunny photos.  Check out the damage I did to my tips :(

Base colour: Sinful Colors,  101 Snow me White
Stamp colour: Konad Black
Decals:  Barry M Nail Paint, AQNP5 Arabian and Beauty UK, unnamed (gold)
Stamping plate: Moyou London Suki Collection - 07
Scales under halogen lighting
The Decals
Tools of the Trade
Washing up is bad for fresh manicures!
I didn't even manage to wear these an hour!


  1. Hehehe, Thank you Priscilla, you are my stamping guru, so this is praise indeed <3

  2. This one is really great and so dragony (I'm glad you took good pictures before the damage, which looks so painful, I would cry if it was me). Your decals are awesome, how do you stick them on the nail? with top coat before and on top of decal?

    1. Hey Alesya, So sorry I missed your comment yesterday. Thanks for your kind words :) The decals are coloured on the stamper and can be left to dry. When I'm ready to apply, I top-coat my nail, then wait for it to be just "tacky" then the coloured decal will stick to it. I tend to top coat only one nail, then apply decal, since this gives me a more relaxed experience. I only wish I'd cleaned up better before taking those first pics.