Wednesday, 3 September 2014

White Rabbit

Today is day three of, September is Stamping Month the theme is "Cat/Dog/Pet.  Spike is a cat, but I love Moyou's bunny designs. So rabbits it is.

Base colour: Sinful Colors, Easy Going 300
Stamp colour: Konad Black
Rabbit:  Sinful Colors, Snow me White 101 and Rimmel 60 Seconds, 405 Rose Libertine
Carrot:  Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine, Paprika GNP 32 and Beauty UK, unnamed green
Stamping plate: Moyou London Princess Collection 09 and 12

The lovely Miss Tina (author of the linked blog) has invited fellow stampers to join in and complete themed manicures with her, I am trying my best to keep up, but sadly have my first fail of the challenge.  Stamping was really difficult today.  The paw-prints are unidentifiable, the decals wonky and blobby and finally, the top coat smeared.  Apart from that, this is a really cute manicure :)

I cheated a little on the carrot.  I stamped with black and orange, and filled the greens in as a decal, but when I applied it to my nail, I thought the orange part needed an outline, so I grabbed my sharpie!  Unfortunately, being an awkward leftie,  this was quite tricky!  You can probably tell.

I really have to try this on a better day

For the Bunny and it's Carrot
Tools of the Trade
Such cute plates <3

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