Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Pastel Chevrons

The theme today is "Chevrons" it's day 23 of September is Stamping Month.

The inspiration for this manicure came from Natalie.  She gave me the idea for the pastel base colours. She stamped perfect triangles over her base.  You will find her blog post and description here: enjoy, it's a really beautiful site. Scroll a bit further down this post, to see a photo of her manicure <3.

Base colours (from left in photo below) blobbed and sponged onto the nail randomly over Sinful Colors, 101 Snow me White:
  • Primark Nail Polish, Unnamed (turquoise)
  • Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine, Blueberry GNP 5
  • Rimmel Salon Pro, 337 Purple Rain
  • Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine, Dragon GNP 11
Held in hand is my absolute favourite (actually, my only) jelly polish.  It makes everything soft and dreamy, I reckon even Laurie Nievin might like this one!
OPI Nail Lacquer, Don't Touch my Tutu NL T52

Stamp colour: Konad White
Stamping plate: Moyou London Princess Collection - 12

Muted Autumn sunlight
Bottle Shot
Under the trees
Tools of the Trade
 Base colours

The base
In the shade


  1. Oh my gosh, this is so pretty! The mixed pastels base makes it soft, whereas chevron manis are usually striking in their contrast/harshness. Lovely work by Nat too :) No wonder you were inspired!

  2. Debz thanks again you wonderful lovely girl :) I am so happy you give such kind feed back. Always a total pleasure to read you view. XXxxXXxxxXXxx