Sunday, 28 September 2014

Funky French

This was not what I wanted,  I think the problem is the tips go too far up my nail bed and this is moving towards a half moon manicure. Unfortunately, this is neither here nor there, so just looks a little peculiar.  I do like like the idea but don't think my nails will ever get long enough to wear it well.

Base colour: Konad black sponged on tips only
Stamp colour: Konad Black then Konad White
Stamping plate: Moyou London Pro Collection - 14 XL

Close up it's wobbly!
Autumn sun
Massive finger!!!!!!
Tools of the Trade
In the garden
Halogen lighting
Black stamping only


  1. I think it looks lovely. I do agree it's more of a half moon mani. I actually like it better with just the black stamping.

    1. Thanks a million. I'm so glad you said that Nadia, I really think I prefer the black only too. xxXXxx

  2. Fab attempt! What about washi tape to consistently shoryen the image for your mail length? This looks oh so very close to really, really working too. Funky pattern; it's folk like you making me rethink my purist French mani opinions :)

    1. Thanks Debz, I think I was too ambitious trying to fit all of the image I liked onto my nails twice. I love your idea of masking off part of the image with tape. xxXXxx