Saturday, 20 September 2014


Today is the 20th day of September is Stamping Month.  The theme today is "Scary"

I have ripped off this amazing creation by Irina Walerica ( click here for the instagram photo that gave me inspiration for my manicure.

I find the scull on this artist plate really morbid.  I chose to stamp with purple since the colour is often used to symbolise mourning or death as are the carnations scattered around those roses.  I lifted the mood slightly by painting the roses pink!

Base colour: Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine, Coconut GNP 28
Stamp colour: Mundo de Uñas Stamping Polish, 14. Violet
Decals:  Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine, Dragon GNP 11
Stamping plate: Moyou London Artist Collection - 11

Indirect sunlight
Bottle Shot
Giant fingers
Tools of the Trade
The decals
Halogen lighting
Enormous fingers!
Hazy autumn sunshine